Energy production and related risks

The energy future and the related risks is not only about the technological development, but also about the environmental and socio-economic impacts and financial consequences. It is not possible to imagine energy transformations and supplies that do not have potential risks for population, animals, and the environment in general. The goal should be to make every community capable of choosing an “acceptable risk”.
This is the concept behind the slogan “No Risk No Energy” underpinning the AMRA research activities in the energy sector and associated risks. Large room is dedicated to the identification of environmental and social impacts related to exploration and exploitation of non-renewable energy on one hand and, on the other one, to the identification of socio-economic factors influencing the acceptance of new technologies supporting the transition to low-carbon sources.

Research lines of amra and available tools:
  • Induced and/or triggered seismicity caused by the exploitation of hydrocarbon and geothermal energy. AMRA contributes to the development and regulation of the exploitation systems by analyzing the dual role of induced and/or triggered seismicity.
  • Environmental impacts assessment. AMRA runs analysis for the assessment of groundwater and surface water contamination, air pollution and the dynamics of the associated risks. AMRA owns instruments for the measurement and the characterization of dust particles smaller than one micron. AMRA can assess the impacts deriving from noise, traffic, industrial accidents, or landscape transformations on the community welfare.
  • Waste Energy. This theme includes applied research and technology transfer in all technical and management sectors dealing with the urban and industrial waste cycles.
  • Transition towards low carbon energy systems. AMRA deals with the theme of transition to a more sustainable energy system going beyond mere technological aspects and assessing the socio-economic factors influencing the acceptance of new technologies
Annamaria Criscuolo, Alexander Garcia-Aristizabal, Raffaella Russo
  1. SHEER: Shale Gas Exploration and Exploitation Induced Risk
  2. EPOS: European Plate Observing System – WG10: European Plate Observing System
  3. ARGO: Analysis of natural and antropogenic risks of off-shore oil platforms
  4. RELUIS 2015: Induced Seismic Risk
  5. VIGOR: Active seismic prospecting for acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic reflection profiles at high resolution, useful for the study of the geothermal potential of the Campania and Sicily Regions
  1. GEISER: Geothermal Engineering Integrating Mitigation of Induced Seismicity in Reservoirs
  2. GAIA: Advanced Geothermal Energy for Independent Plants
  3. ReLUIS 2014: Early Warning and Induced Seismic Risk