The development of research and innovation is a major pillar for the economical and social development of Regione Campania. Coherently with this vision, the Government of Regione Campania established in 2002 the network of Regional Centres of Competences in many fields with a total investment of more than 300 million euro.
Following this political vision, AMRA has been established with the following mission:

– To be part of a permanent European network of research centers to cope with natural risks in a comprehensive way.
– To develop and engineer prototypes, to carry out measures and tests, to check results through analogical and numerical models.
– To foster the Technological Transfer.
– To improve the High Level Training System.
– To promote partnerships with leading economic players.
– To optimize professionalism, flexibility and operational ability of human and economic resource.
– To foster innovation culture.

AMRA adopts a multi-risk strategy to prevent environmental risk and encourages national and international community awareness in the field of natural hazards so that related needs are turned into demand for research, services and technologies.