Valentina IVAN

valentina-ivan Visiting Researcher
MSc in Comparative Public Policy, Edinburgh University. Reading for a PhD in management of energy policy
Settore di ricerca: Energy Policy
Interessi di ricerca: Main research: Gas market liberalisation; Third Energy Package implementation; Shale gas (economic impact and social acceptability).
tel. +39 0817685125
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Area/e di ricerca AMRA: Produzione di energia e rischi connessi
Curriculum vitae breve:
Energy Policy Analyst– Candole Partners, May 2007-September 2011; September 2012-March 2015.
Developed a detailed business plan, regulatory and public policy due diligence, electricity, gas and heat market analysis of a Greenfield CHP project in Romania.
Regulatory and public policy analysis, comparative market and industry research.
Prepared teasers that describe and evaluate business opportunities in the energy sector; identified best investment strategies and advises the best way to mitigate the associated risks and drafted market-entry strategy.
Liaising with senior public officials in the course of due diligence on regulatory framework and public policy affecting profitability of investments.
Associated Policy Expert - Expert Forum, June 2014-Present.
Involved in projects monitoring and analysing policy areas.
Engaging with relevant stakeholders.
Teaching Assistant (Tutor for Public Policy course), Bucharest University of Economic Studies, October 2012-Present.
Teaching students to identify policy issues and draft public policy projects.
Annamaria Criscuolo, Alexander Garcia-Aristizabal, Raffaella Russo
In corso
  1. SHEER: Shale Gas Exploration and Exploitation Induced Risk
  2. EPOS: European Plate Observing System – WG10: European Plate Observing System
  3. ARGO: Monitoraggio di piattaforme offshore per l'estrazione di idrocarburi
  4. RELUIS 2015: Rischio simico indotto
  5. VIGOR: Valutazione del potenziale geotermico delle Regioni convergenza
  1. GEISER: Geothermal Engineering Integrating Mitigation of Induced Seismicity in Reservoirs
  2. GAIA: Geotermia Avanzata per Impianti Autonomi
  3. ReLUIS 2014: Early Warning e Rischio Sismico Indotto